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What RUBECT do !

RUBECT can provide your organization with the tools and resources necessary to efficiently troubleshoot and resolve project-related issues quickly. By automating key processes you can easily track progress, allocate resources and fine tune strategies while gaining insight into how an entire project is developing. With streamlined document sharing, reporting capabilities, task tracking and collaborative features, it would be easier to manage complex projects in large organizations.

Rubect AI Lab

Our goal has always been to provide managers with meaningful, easy-to-understand data visualizations and reports from projects and portfolios. The latest advances in AI tools and services have dramatically change our approach to that goal.

It is our belief that this trend will fundamentally change how users interact with systems, and PMISs are no different. Here in Rubect AI lab, we are preparing our product and services for post-AI era.

Current areas of our interest are:

  1. AI-based cost, portfolio, earned value, resource and efficiency analytics
  2. Natural language interactions
  3. Digital Project Manager Assistant. Expert-like suggestions based on integrated enterprise projects data
  4. Early cautions and alerts and proactive risk management
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Introducing our innovative solution that’s designed to simplify complexity and drive success. Our cutting-edge solution offers unparalleled scalability, security, and performance. Embrace a digital transformation journey that revolutionizes your projects and propels your business towards unlimited possibilities.


Any level of maturity, Any kind of project, Any methodology


Unlimited users and projects, multiple language, Calendars, Currency


Powerful Workflow engine, Secure, Powerful access level


Integrated with common tools and able to integrate with specific tools

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